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I love how much emotion you were able to get from a simple story! Did you just come up with the poses in your head or did you take time figuring out every part of the man's reaction? It flowed really well!

There's so many questions I have about the story, but I'm just going to set them aside and say that I loved this! You did a nice job at keeping a consistent style all throughout the video. What I will say is that this just seemed like a trailer. It doesn't show the actual fight or any background as to why she has an arm. You took the time to show her fixing up her arm, but you didn't explain why. That bothered me. Your colors did improve from your last video though. You're getting better!

I think the other people here pretty much said what I was thinking. I just want to stress that I really liked how this one felt, like it was full of heart. The art style along with the voices made this piece really pop out for me. Great stuff!

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Its cool although it took too long to finish but,yeah, i finished it sooner or later.

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Love your work man, keep it up. I'm not good at analyzing music, so all I can do is give you props.

I'm a sucker for anything ukelele related. I like the lighthearted feel of it and you managed to capture that pretty well. It just seemed a bit weak overall. Like you weren't able to pluck the strings right or something. For what it was, you did a pretty decent job!

Seasons responds:

thank you for your review kind sir
it is indeed a weak recording
i shall improve upon my methods and impress you further with my ukelele skillz

This is awesome! I really like the vocals. It's perfect for this type of song. I'm not really a music pro so I can't give you tips on the rhythm or mixing and that sort of thing. I just wanted to say that I really liked it!

Basset-Hound responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it :)

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Needs a cooler story, but I can still dig it. I heard this type of format being called a 'Gific,' so now I'm calling it that haha.

Butzbo responds:

I would like to make something a bit more elaborated, with a longer story that would benefit from this format (rather than making an actual animation), but for now I'm just exploring with more simple 'comic strips'.
Well "gific" sounds fine, heheh!

I'm (not anymore) in high school and I like animating good things.

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